Community-drafted survey on diversity among technology workers.

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Diversity of the Web

A discussion about diversity in the web-development community

An initiative to survey, understand, and evangelize the diversity of the web development community. Our goal is to celebrate our diversity, increase visibility about existing under-representation, and encourage conversations about diversity and inclusion.

Authored by the community, at https://github.com/drnikki/diversity-survey


Our primary goal is to drive awareness and discussion about diversity and inclusivity in the web-development community. We'll be doing amazing if we get:


Survey Participants:

Anyone who identifies with ‘moving the web forward’ or ‘making the internet’. This includes roles like sysadmin, project manager, shop owner, designer, UX, etc. Possible problems: skewing the data with ‘content editors’ or ‘copywriters’


Here's what we're hoping to do:


Simple ways to Fail:

How to Contribute

If you want to contribute, but don't have a github account or are uncomfortable with the github contribution process, please reach out to Nikki in any of the following ways: @drnikki on twitter, the drupal slack channel and IRC or shoot an email to nikki@drnikki.org and we can figure out an accessible way for you to help!

Oops! / Ouch! Policy

Talking about diversity can be hard, but we believe talking is first step for improvement. As such, we need some room to make mistakes, and to give clear feedback when a discussion/approach/idea/term is hurtful. Say 'Oops!' if you catch yourself on potentially offensive territory, and 'Ouch!' if you feel offended. Thanks!