To continue the conversation about diversity and inclusion within Drupal. This includes:

  • To provide a safe space to discuss issues of d&i within the Drupal community.
  • To provide support for people who are marginalized in technology
  • To provide strategies for increasing d&i of communities and organizations
  • To share resources/education about social justice issues in our technological communities - d&i, equality, inclusion, accessibility, etc.


Nikki Stevens & Karyn Cassio gave a presentation about diversity and inclusion at DrupalCon New Orleans. Nikki facilitated a follow up BOF was held the next day. Participants had so many ideas, and concerns and desires that we couldn’t do justice to most of them in the short amount of time we had. The general consensus seemed to be “Let’s keep talking about this so we can address everyone’s thoughts.”


You can join us so many ways!

  • connect with us on twitter @drupaldiversity
  • hop into our github issue queues and get involved
  • join us for our weekly chats and working meetings - Thursdays at 9 PST/17:00UTC
    • Calendar for Ical
    • HTML
    • Google calendar users can “Add another calendar” and provide this address: c0ovgjsi6p70huaunbe2a3mpj8@group.calendar.google.com

If you have specific questions, concerns or just want to chat, you can email Nikki Stevens at nikkilstevens at gmail . com